My Podcast Project

Podcast Project Plan
Title: My Story
Main objective: During the course, the participants produce stories from basic outlines.
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Class type: Adults
Aim: Writing
Activity focus: Writing-Speaking
Time: 3 minutes or so
Material: Computer with access to Internet / Headphones

1.Teacher tells students they will record a story using outlines.
2. Student signs up to Voxopop.
3. Student creates a blog in Blogger.
4. Teacher shows participants how to record using Voxopop.
5. Teacher shows how to leave a reply to a Voxopop audio.
6. Teacher shows how to create an About me page in Blogger.
7. Teacher shows how to embed audio files in Blogger.
8. Student records his/her story.
9. Student embeds podcasts in his/her blog.
10 Student listens to classmates recordings and write comments or questions in their classmate´s blog each week.
11.Teacher creates an account in Bloglines to add students´URLs and visit this site to receive updates. He/She can also embed theBloglines code or URL to add it to the blog sidebar. This will alloweverybody to check for updates.

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